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Pneumatic Solutions Used In Semiconductor Manufacturing

Semiconductors are the foundation of modern electronics and play a crucial role in a wide variety of devices, from smartphones to car engines. semiconductor manufacturing is a complex and delicate process, and Kellypneumatics Inc has over 30 years of experience providing pneumatic solutions for this industry. Our pressure regulators provide precise control of air pressure, ensuring that sensitive semiconductor components are not damaged during the manufacturing process. 

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Chemical Mechanical Wafer Polishing is a process that uses a combination of chemicals and mechanical polishing to remove material from the surface of a semiconductor wafer. The chemical component of CMP reacts with the surface being polished, while the mechanical component removes material through physical abrasion. CMP is a highly controlled process, and variations in the composition of the chemical solution and the type of polishing pad can result in different rates of material removal. In addition, CPA can be used to clean semiconductor surfaces by removing particles that could otherwise cause defects in the finished product.



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